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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pre-Wedding Shoot.Behind The Scene

See. I don't know if nowadays pre-wedding shoot is a trend or what. Zaman Abah dulu mana ada. Tapi, nak kira macam tu, tak jadi apa la kan. Anyways, we had our pre-wedding shoot sometime last week. It was fun! Kelakar gila. Penat. Letih. Love! But overall, 'Thumbs up!' 

Location: Rumah Tradisional Melaka, Jasin- is actually my friend, Donut's Pak Lang's Hs. The State Government gives allocation to maintain the house. Cool huh? But mostly, rumah-rumah di Melaka dijaga betul bagi Tourism purpose :) I'm impressed!

Photographer: Ejoy Esmail. But for Photographer behind the scene is Donut. But he didn't take much photos because he got to entertained his Uncle and Auntie as well.

Other than Kampung Shoot, we had random shoots in Bandar Hilir :) OMG!? *suka!* I feel like going there again! Hehe. Okayla so, later (after kahwin) I'll reveal the pictures ok? Here are some of the behind the scenes. Hope you can get the feel enough. 

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Twenty freaking seven days more! Zomg! InsyaAllah..


miSz cHa said...

sweet...bila turun melaka ni?

putrirex said...

:) last week my dear.