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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ciao Sunday! I am a dreamer.

Helo. Was Sunday treating you good? I hope so! Well. Nothing much. Except, ZOMG! Sooo many wedding invitations but none of them are my friends. All my dad's cousins. I had to go. Tayang muka sebab I pon 2x5 July nanti ;) hehe. So jyeah. 

On Saturday, the whole day I was with my best friend at Solaris Dutamas. She opened a booth for Bijou Bazaar. I had so much fun with her and Liyana B & Sya B :) I'll update with pictures soon okay. I didn't bring my digital camera instead I borrowed my friend, Ejoy Esmail old school camera. It's Asahi Pentax! So cool of him letting me borrow :) hehe. I think I took cool pictures. Nanti dah cuci i'll share with you guys okay. 

Oh! Dalam sibuk sibuk nak kahwin ni, I sempat juga ada wishlist :) Hehe I wish they could be in my hantaran but you know.. parents. They say hantaran shouldn't be benda2 mengarut la. Hehe. Okla. Tapi ini sekadar berkongsi impian dan harapan. Mana tahu nanti masa bukak hadiah kahwin terdapat benda ni ke. (ops!) lol.

# 1
Casio Data banDBC-610GA-1D

Casio General Men's Watches Data Bank DBC-610GA-1DF - WW

Paul Smith Fish Eye Camera
I'm officially addicted to rings and bracelets! 

You see? I am a dreamer. Who doesn't? Hehe. Okay here lagi satu I wish to have on my wedding day. But this is just I berangan, but I don't think I will have it. 

Must be cool isn't it? Hehe. 

.. and I can ask someone to manage. I want to have a special table, where all my friends can sign and leave a msg on my d.i.y guest book So when the wedding ends, we have something to read! We'll see how aite. . and place all the business cards of my friend such as the Pelamin/ Wedding cards/ Photographer/ Vidoegrapher/Hantaran/ Designer and etc!. They are all my friends yang baik sgt sgt nak bantu and boleh jadikan wedding saya sebagai stepping stone, who know? hehe. 

Ok Good night!
Esok kerja. Bye!


dey said...

bonda putri...its middle of june...xlama lagi u da nk kawen..OMG da ready zahir n batin lom? hehehehe

putrirex said...

Hey Alisha! OMG! Dulu,Bonda ingat nak chill je utk wedding,tak mau jadi kecok2.omg!tapi bonda rasa bonda la bride to be yg kecoh!lol. tapi nasib baik future husband totally opposite of me :) hehe

mummy yana: insyaAllah zahir ok kot. tu la i tak tahu mcm nak prepare for batin la. any tips? lol.