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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

W-day Updates #2!

Ahoy! How are y'all doing? Have you talked to your loved one today? hehe. I spoke to fadhil (my fiance) earlier this morning and guess what? He told me that he kinda freak out too! Hehe. I think that's the feeling everyone must go through once in lifetime :) I'm so happy! He is damn happy too! In the mean time juga, alot had happened tau!

1. I met my photographer who supposed to shoot us for our wedding but he told me last min. that he is afraid because his wife's due on 7/7/10. ZOMG! but I happy for him as well. but still! freakout kot! hehe.But settled already :) Fadhil's skate dude willing to give bombastic package! Click here.Thank you sayang! xx

2. My wedding postcard got some delay. ugh! but no worries :) By this week juga it will be release. InsyaAllah.

Okay, for now, thats the update :) My mom will be depart on June 28th, 2.30pm! I cant wait to see her! :)

Have a great Wednesday y'all! I'm going to watch Karate Kid after work :) Teehee! Ciao

I love this picture of us :) He always made me smile and make me feel so good

24 Days more, Fiance and you'll be my Husband and I'll be your wifey! xx

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ZARA said...

hikhik... cant wait... don't forget to send me one of the wedding postcard :)

or u can just tag me in FB