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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello Kitten

"...I have a new baby and I named him after my fav. Hollywood singer (kiddo category), Bieber :) I think bieber is only 1 week old ;( he couldn't walk properly yet. 

Yesterday, fadhil found a beautiful black/greyish kitten on a the side of a road near his house. Looked like so lost/ wait for his mother to carry him somewhere. ;( He is so young. My fiance was very afraid to just let the kitten cross the road and he pulled over his car and saved the lost kitten. He called me and asked if I can provide a shelter. Why not? 

Today, at work, my sister told me that Bieber can't stop crying.Poor kid. I missed him so much and wanted to go home and see him ;/ .. When I came back to work, he was sleeping and I dont wanna wake him. So, I waited ....and just now :) I fed him. I am very happy :) 
I hope I can see him grow bigger and healthier :D I think I'm in love with you, Bieber! "

Welcome to the Family. Night night! 
Putri & Fadhil.

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