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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alia

Cutenya adik kakak ni!!

Sisters gotta go what sisters gotta do!
hehe. everybody will have that tomboy-ish look at a young age :) so nnt dah besar you'll look absolutely hot ehem! (like me :D)

I remember, it was June 17, 2000 I went for a school trip to FRIM and she was born. I can't wait till the trip finished and rush to the hospital to meet my baby sister, Alia Rohani.

Now, she is 10 :) she's the baby millennium aka Y2k yaw! hehe. I love her so much! Time flies for fast. I wish I could bring her and all my siblings to US ;(  But, you know I always say to them if they work hard and do well in school,'nanti boleh ikut kakak duduk US' :)

I love you Alia. Please grow up like a normal kid. And don't forget to tell me if you have a crush on anyone! Okay?

ps: ill bring her to Toys R Us this weekend and she'll hv a shopping spree there! Teehee *Pokai!*hehee

Kakak Putri.


miSz cHa said...

hepi birthday to her...
send regard n kisses from me..=D

putrirex said...

thank you my dear :) i miss you!!!