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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fara D selling off wedding dress

Milan, June 21st: Former supermodel, Fara Dilla has made up her mind to sell off her wedding dress and are now looking for serious buyer. LOL. She ain't supermodel-lah  she's my friend, Fara!! I loveeeed her wedding dress and FYI the designer is the same person who designed my wedding dresses this coming July :)

Okay, the first dress is a white long dress that she wore at her reception, it's off white actually:



  • Inside: tube dress duchesse satin

  • Outside: 6mtrs Chiffon dress with off white beading and swarovski

  • Patches of French lace and beads on the center part of the dress and the sleeve

  • Come with long (to the floor) veil

  • Veil – patches of French lace, beads and swarovski

  • Of course- wore only once! ;)

  •  RM 1400.00 (negotiable)

The second dress that she wore for his husband's reception a week after her reception. I absolutely love this ;)

Adjustable belt. You will get one in grey(in the picture) and one in pink :D

During her outdoor shoot :)

  • Chiffon material
  • Inside soft satin silk
  • Gray french lace for top to the sleeve
  • 2 color of belt (pink or gray)
  • Gradually from light pink to brighter pink (2 tone)
  • Beads and swarovski
  • Come with half to buttock veil
  • Veil : Patches of French lace, beads and swarovski
- RM 1200.00 (Negotiable)

So, what do you think? In love with those dress? I do. For more you can email the owner at faradilla28@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy my entry ;) Ohh!! You guys! This coming weekend will be their (Farah and Husband, Akie) 1st Anniversary :) Happy Anniversary to both of you!

19 days more for my turn :D

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