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Thursday, June 24, 2010

How's it been Queen B?

..and 16 more days...

it's actually fun counting days you know! I'm enjoying every second of my day and so my big day I will embrace each and every moment and I don't want it to run so fast as like my engagement day because I was so very busy/ nervous and most of the things were last minutes. I learned my lesson ;)

both you and me

I'm not soo busy and pening yet having fun for my wedding invitation ;) Card dah released almost 75% maybe (mana2 yang terlepas pandang tu, you'll never been forgotten ok). Okay so actually for my wedding, I have two (2) types of wedding card. The first one I may say for my parent's and the second one is my wedding postcard JUST for my friends :) I heart it!

My wedding postcard :) And I received good responds :D Thank you..

.. Most people around me are very supportive and I am very thankful :). Hey you know! My girlfriends, Azyan and Liyana is going to Jakarta & Bandung tomorrow until next Friday! ZOMG! That's a week! You see? That's the different between me and them, i mean between orang nak kawen and org belum nak kawen. I'd definitely join them if not laa!! :) teeehee.. that's okay, next time maybe! Mana? Milan? Paris? orr Abu Dhabi? LOL! InsyaAllah. Have fun girlfriends! Have a save trip. See you in July!!
And Liyana B, Happy birthday in advance!!! xoxo

Here another story :) Surprisingly, i can wear my old size 24 jean!!! No kidding!! I want to blog this so in the future I have evidence to prove :) LOL! :)


haziQah said...

wah kak put..sgt cntik weding card nye..unique..i rly like it :)

haziQah said...

oh btw..dsgn sndiri kad tu? sgt teruja tgk <3

ZARA said...

hello?? i am yet to receive the card!!! am i not friend also?

*gila tak malu*

I ♥ the postcard......... i want it!!!

sheila said...

shela a.k.a syasya miyake: waiting 4 ur postcard <3..babe,i'll try my best 2 attend ur big day!

Ja Ja Sechan said...

OMG. postcard so cantik/creative/marvellous/fabulous altogether :D

putrirex said...

:) thank you everyone! hehe :) that was my very idea and my friend designed for me.. both me and fadhil glad that you loved it! :) hehe..
lepas ni kawen buat postcard je ok.