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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tree House.

'.. Sayang I need to see you now. Macam biasa, jumpa kat longkang ok?'
Hi. Mesti anyone of you here have kinda secret code, or you know ..'inside joke' or any secret language system (what-ever you called it) with someone or anyone right?  

So dulu, what happened when I was first kenal that guy, kita selesa lepak kat this slum we named it 'longkang'. Actually mmg dekat longkang pon. I mean, what we basically do is, buy a choco-top and duduk straightkan  kaki. Longkang sounds nasty right, but not at all.  It was actually fun! Usually at night la kalau duty calls. Hehe. 

Anyways, I wanted to make this entry just because..., I don't know why in the world , suddenly just now around 9pm I grabbed my car keys and shuutttt straight to 'longkang', alone!. I think and think again about myself and my future. About this whole thing I choose I want to be/do. After this, 71 more days to go, it's not only about just myself but I have to think about us and future. 

Enough about that :) So macam biasa I love my entry to at least have a picture rather than full with fonts! Hehe. Therefore, here are some tree house I wanted to have back at my yard when I have house later :) So it's easier tak payah nak back and forth cari 'longkak'. We talked about it and Fadhil will definitely built it by his own hand. Haha. 


Oh! This is nice, very dramatic! Boleh main keja-keja.

Fadhil is dyinggg to live in this place.. (Who doesn't)

and finally, I'm not sure of the safety of these tree houses. Scary pon ada. Ok, NOT! 

Okay. Take care. TTYL! 
831 Oh! I learnt it from someone

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