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Hi! I'm Putri Rex from Malaysia. I don't just go through life, but I grow through life.. Alhamdulillah!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I need a baby hug now!

You know what make me happy? Seeing little ones smile and learn new things in their life :)

Stop child harassment.


Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeousss!

I think I've met you like way back at bijou bazaar!

ZOMG, I've been trying to find your email when you gave to me back then. I lost it :(

Now i see you again!

I bought a bag from you, its Aldo anchor bag!

OMG now I'm exited!

putrirex said...

Heyyyyyy Liyana B!

Oh now I remember you!!! You yg beli my bag of course I ingat! OMG! That has to be my fav bag tau. :) I still remember your eyes ..
'excuse me, how much is this bag?'.. hehehee.. and bila I sebut harga (i cant remember how much) you were like sooo happy!kan kan.

now im excited too! :) Hows the bag btw? Your fav?


Anonymous said...

OMGGGG okay i'm super exiteddd!

It's me and my sister's fave bag of course cause its chain bag. Obsess over it!

Hahaha, masa tu my little sister was like nak sgt the bag!

gosh! small cyber world I'd say hihi.

How are you btw?

you and Ayan are friends?