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Friday, April 30, 2010

The conversation was deep inside.

29 July 2010. Period! Yes! My first day.
Ouch! or Yay!  
For most of you people may understand 'Ouch' but.. guess why 'Yay' ?Haha. Tak yah la guess, Im blushingggg pulak. ! Forget it.

Today, I keluar early morning. Had break-fast. And you know the most ever rare thing Ive ever done early morning is .. I literally hangout depan gedung harian dalam PKNS about 1 hour with Fadhil. OMG! Bila balik pikir, ..'Gedung Harian is Klasikkkk weeeiii..' LOL. Ok nuff said.

I just wanna tell you straight harini, somewhere somehow I was sooo fragile. Like super fragile, handle with care. Thank you.
OMG! I really was. I marah tak pasal/ I membebel tak ingat/ and lepas tu manja gila punya kalah baby. Tapi I tak tahu mcm mana he handled me. Pffw! But I can say the best quote of the day I learned for today is:
'.......Babe, I don't really worry and want to spend too much on our wedding .., but I am worried about our life after wedding, our marriage, out future. That's the most important thing.', Said Fadhil, The Fiancé.
OMG! I totally agreed! It makes total sense. Alhamdulillah.

Today, we had a very deep conversation, I felt so much relived and alive. I just loved how we communicate.I hope it works everytime in this lifetime, insyaAllah. :)

I adored staring at your eyes. I adored the way you convinced me while having a talk. I appreciate every single little words that came out of your mouth. I xoxo you!


miSz cHa said...

i'm sure fadhil will take a good care on u sis!

putrirex said...

awww... thank you my dear :) insyaAllah. and i will take good care you him and us too!

my dear, can I have your home address?