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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I asked and I answered

#1: Will you give away your 50 ringgit cash voucher from Parkson to someone (else)?
Me? No. 
Fadhil? Yes, he just did. Thank you,Sayang! 

#2: What would you do if you have that 50 ringgit cash voucher from Parkson?
I want my first collection of Dior Addict Ultra Gloss . Thank you again Sayang! :)
My unfinished d.i.y pink wedding diary inspired by Azyan/ My first collection ever of Dior Addict Ultra Gloss :) Thank you to Tuty/ The boneless chicken for appitizer. 

 #3: Do you think watching Date Night twice in a cinema worth it?
Yes! I enjoyed watching it the first time with my cousin and second time with him. I diam diam beli ticket movie ni because I want him to watch the movie with me. He really likes the movie and he thinks Tina Fey is cool! 
My favorite line in the movie was, 'zip your face!' Is that the best tag line you u have?Haha.  
#4:  Do you believe every day is Friday?
For now, yes! :) Everyday is Friday. Just enjoy the weekdays don't ya think? Because weekend will however comes. Therefore, we had our lunch at TGIF. We had the 2 course meal just 1 set. That's more than enough and beverages.


I appreciate every words from you. I love you dearly!

#5. Last but not least, any wishes?
Everydays is Unique. Thank you people around me. Thank you Fadhil. 


TutySugargosh said...

Wohoo!! u got the lipgloss..best tak? and owh no wonder la u called me smlm HAHAHAH

putrirex said...

hehehee.. best i every 5 mins touch up! hahaa :) i happy gila. oh jyeah I wanted to asked you mcm mana nak link dari dulu lagi. rupa2 senang gila. thanks babe. xx