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Monday, May 3, 2010


I woke up not so early in the morning today, and 'cheap monday' was my first word. I don't know why and don't even know what it means exactly. haha. 
it's actually a Swedish clothes brand that i just discover yesterday (sunday). LOL.

Yesterday, my Azyan texted and wanted to meet me to do some survey at Jalan T.A.R for my hantaran's decoration. FYI, she is going to be the master mind and the official decorator for my hantaran untuk fadhil, and I cuma kasi tau what I like and what I don't :) Coolkan ada kawan mcm tu and volunteer to help you for your wedding? terharuu kan kan :) hehe. Plus, I trusted her arts of course. 

so when I was still on bed this morning, I received a call from a company (jeng jeng jeng..) yang I applied kerja since January okayy.. She wanted me to come and collect the offer letter. I went through 3 stages! And were ACCEPTED (I knew i was accepted since last week)! But now I hv the offer letter and  it's official la :) Oh no! I don't wanna get too excited. We'll see how it goes :)  
Here are some of the info: 
I'll be working at CD Communication Group an advertising company  at Damansara Perdana as an Event Executive. Betul2 depan Belicious Boutique and Friendster Cafe.
Approximately 20-30mins driving from my house. My working hour is 0900-1745 :)

I have less than 24hours to get everything settled. EVERYTHING!  ( i don't wanna talk about it). And sorry Yan, sbb delay lagi cari barang. So nanti I dah kerja, i only hv weekend,but yan pulak busy with cake orders. ;( we'll see how.

I'm smiling with my eyes. Haha :)
Itu semua anugerah Allah bagi :) Muka kita lah Rejeki kita.
My late lunch.
I had sub of the day.
Italian BMT on Parmesan Oregano with cheese.
Lettuce/ Tomato/ Onion/ Green Paper and Lots and lots of Olives.
Sauce: Bbq/ Thousand Island and a bit Mustard and Ketchup.
Beverage: Mineral Water

I had fun today actually, I really managed to do so many things in one time all my myself. :) 
Words of the day: Prioritize and Time management.
I am also very humbly blessed for the job offer. Syukur, Alhamdulillah.
And I will also not abandon my blog. I will always keep updating everything about myself and my thoughts. Okay? I hope you enjoy reading it. How's was your Monday, peacemaker? Good? Sucks (ugh!) Simple? Boring..? We'll see how tuesday treat us next. 


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