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Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm starting you love writing and expressing words in blog. To be honest with you, I first decided to have a blog because I just feel like to only have one. And I don't even know for what reason to have a blog. I mean, is there anyone would read/follow my blog? I don't see it making any sense. On the other hand, I also think that anyone who has blogs is just to show offs their style/ life/ and whatever they have. 

Well, I actually was wrongggg! Baddd Putri! And now, I see that this is a healthy hobby. You know, it's how you want it to be, a healthy one or the un-healthy one.

Recently, just 3-4days back, as I was browsing for a pictures for my blog. I browsed for fashion blog and I found a cool freelance stylist blogger from Amsterdam, Style Scrapbook. You can call her Andy :) (ceee..macam kawan I pulak kan...) I felt in love with her blog instantly! Okay forget about it, because I know you here have your own fav. blogger right? (Tah-tah you guys followed her before me? lol)
The issue here is, Andy has been following this one stylist blogger too, from Italy, The Blonde Salad, Chiara (haha..pon konon macam kawan I jugak laa..) And you know what brought them together??!!
Similar interest, 
how amazing right!? I was soo happy even I wasn't their friend, not even we have a mutual friends I guess. Haha. 
According to Andy (my fav), she was first nervous and felt so awkward, but everything went smoothly. Plus their boyfriends get long with each other too :)))))) I soooo can feel that! :p

You think what I'm thinking? :) So, jyeah! I so can't wait to meet my peacemaker slash street thinker slash poyo (lol) blogger that has same interest as me in Greece. LOL. Just kidding.

Style Scrapbook
This is Andy   
The Blonde Salad
 and.. this is Chiara 

Spread the word sweethearts.  Loves!

ps: after all,there will always be Putri and truly Putri and I don't plagiarize. Get that? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i created my blog to show off... boleh? huahaha. kid u. I have currently 2 blogs. one strictly personal the other one for sharing my wedding preps.

My dad reads my blog :)

I hate politics, my studies sometimes require me to read on politics. so my personal blog tempat mencurah perasaan towards politics. and not forgetting cats.

as for the other blog, for me to share info with other b2b. Its actually been gr8. Seriously, dapat jumpa new ppl and they had been so helpful. They provide advice, give comfort, etc.

I really love being a blogger :)

walaupun bapak aku je baca blog aku :)

p/s: i love ur blog :) keep writing