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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello. Welcome

Hi friends,
Today is my second day of work, andd I'm the first person to arrived! Im listening Colbie Caillat- Bubbly :) It's a good song to start my day at work. Lemme briefly explain to you how my first day was :)

I came 9sharp and luckily my friend, Fara D (she who introduced me this company Im working currently) greeted me at front door :) I was really happy and in the same time butterflies in my stomach la.. I was introduced to all staffs and everyone is very nice and happy. Well well well. these butterfilies in my stomach were dying to know where my desk will be,hehe. Thennn, Fara brought me to my table. Woohoo. I was located strategically ahahaa and people 'sekawasan' with me is very helpful :). This is just a temporary place, we're moving to the other lot next door in 3 weeks time (approx). Surprisingly you know, I'm using iMac! Haha. Sorry la I jakun sikit :) At first I was like, uuuuuw... Apple? I never have one and I'd love to try. Hehe. It's just not it actually, yang penting I'm comfortable with what I'm doing. Alhamdulillah, so far it's a good start. I'm enjoying all this. I know is going to bazzar and major event I'm going to handle soon and well know people will b my client.

All I hope, I will always be humble and 'berpijak dibumi yang nyata' and always remember that this is all from Allah. Rezeki nak kawin kot kan? Hehe.
Eh! It's been 4 times already this song, lucky shuffles tau. I think that all all for now. Like I promise, I won't abandon my writing even how busy I'm going to be. I'm not yet busy now, but soon. I know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
(Kalau tak kerja lagi in, i might hv watched Iron Man 2 dah kot!! hehe I bukan complaint la! Cuma I want to compare dulu dgn sekarang) LOLed
Career woman in making.
Putri N. Rex


MinTy said...
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putrirex said...

ehhh umi. putri nak datang tapi putri call you masuk voice mail. jgn lupa janji kita