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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Keeping Saturday to myself.

Hello weekend!
I woke up late today and I started to get panic knowing that I was late to work. LOL. It's Saturday la, panicky Putri! Pffw! So,I continued sleeping and trust me, it was a hell quality sleep that I waited for so long. :)

I will not want to get out of my room if I own this.

I took a long shower/ i cleaned my room/cleaned my pet/  re-organized my closet/ had a late lunch and watched models of the runways 




I was thinking something just now, about my wedding ;) I was thinking of  tomorrow.. Sunday!, my first fitting for my nikah and wedding dress with my designer, Arene:)  

Hey you know, as I googling I saw something similar for my hantaran to Fadhil ;) I can't wait to see it 
I have the same frame that will be  featured our picture soon, iA.

I don't know, I don't have that fashion style , but I love Chanel alot. I think its classy!

Tak cukup duit pon nak beli, macam ni pon jadi la! :D

And I am craving something sweet and expensive! LOL. 

Oh!what else? .. I need a vacation.longgggggggggggg vacation. Maybe I just wait for my honeymoon right?
How I wish I can fly to South Africa for my honeymoon :D
Or anywhere at a private island would be cool too! 
Orrrrr, Santorini Island Greece.  I promise myself, this is a place to go before I die. Promise! iA.

Okay, till then for now. I hope you guys enjoy my 'berangan-berangan' thing I'd love to have. Hehe. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday with your lovess! 

Photo courtesy click here. no! not here. there! no no! here-lah! here.. okay here! 
Enjoy and remember laughter is an instant vacation! 

.Putri Rex 


sophie said...

omg greeceeee!best giler.i dah berangan sejak tgk mamma mia n sotpants dat one day,i akan jejak kaki kat greece!see u ther honey!heheee ;)

nada said...

greece babe greece!!!!Ramai cowok ganteng!! LOL :p Putri hantaran awak ape nanti??

putrirex said...

sophie: best gila kan.i start start berangan masa tengok the sisterhood and the travelling pants tu :D awwwhhh..nak sgt! :)and bila i ada kat sini i rasa nak pakai all white.haha

nada: guys with blue eyes baby! lol.hantaran biasa2 je :) nada nak sponsor ke?