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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Malam Minggu

I went out with my girlfriends last night but we planned just wanna crash the movie theater, but what a routine! Movie!? Karaoke!? Dinner at a good place!? Cliche kan? So we drove along Federal highway and I came out with an idea you guys tahukan there's an event in Dataran Merdeka today, Colors of 1 Malaysia.  
Let's hit Dataran Merdeka malam2 minggu ni! Okay, so we parked the car at PJ A&W, LRT Taman Jaya-Masjid Jamek. Wow! All main roads were closed and just imagine we're walking betul2 tengah2 jalan Masjid Jamek. Heaven gila! Haha. So many locals as well so many tourist. :)

This is what I love about my country, Malaysia:

Malaysia Book of Records of 5,500 participants doing Dikir Barat. What is Dikir Barat? Click here.

Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim sang Colors of 1 Malaysia and I was soo wanna cry seeing everyone participated. Heh!

Joget Lambak!!! Please people, joget lambak la masa my wedding!!! :) hehe

Long live the king & Queen! Agong and Permaisuri Agong were there too, they were very nice and supportive and sporting and so handsome and beautiful! :P 

and, I have to tell you that during Curi-Cuti 1 Malaysia song was playing (sing by Siti Nurhaliza) and everyone was dancing. I wanted to cry, terharu okayy! I don't have the picture but I have the video. I really enjoyed and we were singing along ok. Macam nak hugggg je semua org kat situ, yang paling best makcik2 pon excited sgt. Aso-aso group taichi pon datang menari jugak. ugh!I love my country so much. Macam ni I tak nak pindah la. And, I overheard a tourist sitting in front of me shouting,'aaaah!i love this country so much!' OMG! Terharuu lagi! 

Okay, stick together Malaysia,
Plan a vacation in Malaysia,
Malaysia Truly Asia.
1 Malaysia.



Anonymous said...

pround to be malaysian~~!! what anite kan put..start with a lil bit slow n dull nite but it end with laughter n stomach full which equal to happiness..:D gonna miss u put3..

putrirex said...

haha..jyeah!everyone was lost at first!:) yes so much fun kan.nasib baik tak pegi tgk wayang..haha. im gonna miss you too! ;(

ps:dear anonymous, are you zaneella? LOL.