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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The hustle and bustle of the city..

Sometimes I feel, it is unfair!I spend less time with my family since I started working. I missed sending my brothers and sisters to school/kumon/evening practise and etc. I remember my first day at work, which was 3 weeks ago, my 15 years old brother, Ilham called and asked to send him to tution. Maybe he forgot, that I am no longer his official driver anymore since I stared working already. It was so sad to actually answer the call, and my brother end up went to tution by walking. ;( But hey! I'm all good now. However, I wanted something that can rejuvanate my kasih sayang and thoughtful for my family so I ordered cupcakes for them:

We are family, and yes I love you all.

 Counting days for my our big day!

Today's plan:
1300: Meet my forever hometown baker, Azyan sometime during lunch hour to collect my cupcakes order.

1800: After office hour, I might just wanna drop by the cupcakes for Fadhil and just let him come home and find out himself. As he always complained that he's been forgotten lately. But let the cupcakes speak and I also have a simple card for him! And I bet you, he'll call me and you-know-what-he-will-do! LOL.

2100: Later at night, Im gonna watch American Idol Final Result with my family and eat the cupcakes! Yayyyy..  But now,I can't wait to go home. I'm freaking at the office now! Freaking can't wait to touch home!
I can't believe it's Thrusday already :)

24/7: So stay close to your family and when you are at your lowest they are the one who you can count.

Love and Respect,

ps: Cupcakes are from Ayannmama. So yummy and yummy and 1 tak cukup. 2 tak cukup. 3  kenyang la tapi masih tak cukup. Go try!

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