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Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is just the beginning.

I love this picture of my friend, Akie and Fara who got married last year June 27, 2009. I wish them a long and happy life together. 

Does this woman looked just like me? 
Yes?/ No?
That's my mom. I still not exist yet. Not even a plan. 

How does it feel, mom? 
You looked fantabulously gorgeous.
I love you and everything about that 'particular day'
Photo back in 1980.  

As far as I remember, I never seen my parents holding hands and kissing. For me, that's normal. I don't mind, but somehow, I wished to see them together kissing and holding each others back :''/ 

That's okay, I'm fine. Guys, I hope you have a great weekend ahead. This time, I think my weekend is nothing much like weekdays.

Oh, before that, I saw this one cool phrase, 'all wedding is similar, but every marriage is different' :) Really? You tell me yours. I don't know, haven't been through that part yet! Soon, insyaAllah. 

Assalamualaikum Dunia.
April 10th and that is precisely three months to go! Bismillah. 


ZARA said...

Every marriage is different, every relationship is different. kuengkueng

mYpRecious said...

Bulan 4 ni put kawen eaa? wish everthing gorgeous 4 u on that day.. =)

marriage actually a diff world.. kene betul2 bersedia.. mula2 mmg agk ssh nk adapt tp.. Kena banyak sangat bertolak ansur.. Sebab semua dah tak sama masa kite couple or bertunang.. Lain sangat..

Love your partner the way he is..