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Monday, April 12, 2010

Date night.

You know, for most student, last week was an hectic week for them as exam will be next week/ due dates and all.  So I thought of bringing my cousin, Pe'en out before the examination week get started. So, we watched movie, Date Night.

Hey the poster looks familiar isn't it? Hehe it reminds me of the movie freaky friday :D Haha Cut the crap! 

So, this movie is about a boring couple lives in New Jersey went for a night date at the city, Manhattan. They didn't make any rsvp at the restaurant because it was last min. plan. So, they have to wait at the bar until their name been called. The wife, Tine Fey actually think that is an insane plan at the first place because there's no way they will get a table because it's Friday!? and people come to dine at the restaurant booked a month earlier. The husband, Steve Carell acted so cool and all he asked was just to trust him! :) ..So, after awhile, the hostess was calling for Mr/Mrs Triplehorn (nama cannot go kan!) haha not it seems like no show? So what happened? The husband shouted, 'US!, that's us :) But they are not the Tripplehorn .. 
See how the date night goes, So for more, go watch with your friends/family/spouse. 
It's a romantic comedy. I think they both acted brilliantly. Oh! Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl was also in the movie you guys.. She looked diff :)

My personal rating : 7/10 

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