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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random wicked on Sunday!

Hi. Hahahaaa.. I again, haven't been blogggging awhile. Shuttt!! I finally break the silence :) Okay! I know I am such a loser in updating my blog. pffw!

So how was your weekend? Great? No?! Well, my weekend was beyond great :) We had a little day trip to Bandar Hilir, Malacca. It really brought back memories for us :) Just so you know, I used to study in Alor Gajah, Malacca for 3 years, and during my final semester (2007) fadhil showed up and have a little surprise for me and he took me 'jalan-jalan' and we did some nature thingy such went to the Zoo and wonderful sunset by the beach. This time, we wanted to just go and discover the historical side of Malacca at Bandar Hilir :) It was sooo spontaneous! Just like him!

Abang Becha-ku

This was taken during 1903. Hehe
No-lah! I used Sepia mode :)


Skate makes everyone happy! :)

Its a must! We had dinner at Pantai Klebang.
Tomyam Ayam
Sayur Kangkong Belachan
Sotong Masak Pedas
Daging Masak Merah
Nasi Puteh 2
Air Tembikai/ Teh O Ais/ Air Suam
= RM 19.90

I look forward for more safe. fun. budget. spontaneous. trip next time.


MinTy said...

ckp psl mknn..
trigt hari tuh x silap mcm tnmpk foods picx kat profile put..x silap mkn kat sec 24..mcm menarik..
katne ek?

putrirex said...

yep! melaka :) kenangan lama ..hehe

ooh that one was at sec 24 kot. putri tak sure exactly tapi betul2 belakang uptown :) the food was soooo good too! and ada kolam memancing kat situ.