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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's 31st! Get your 31%!!

Ahoy ice cream lovers!!

Don't forget to drop by any Baskin Robbins near you today! What's you're flavor?
I will forever loveeeed Strawberry Cheesecake/ no matter how bad my day is a scoop will put a smile back. Kalau merajuk ke. PMS ke, my fiancé, fadhil knows well. But, actually for me BR's can't beat Hagen Daz's Strawberry Cheesecake la. HD is my #1 :)

Speaking of Baskin Robbins, well. I x care less pon to post this entry, but only because Baskin Robbins (to be specific, in Plaza Masalam) was where we met *and the story goes.. ;)
OMG! It was real/ fast/ magic and if I had the time machine I wished I could, you know... like 'slow motion' mode all the time ! Pffw! ;)


Okay, You see? This was back in 2006. I don't even used an eye-liner yet! LOL.
Pickture taken after work at Baskin Robbins :))

Dear Sayang,
Happy 31st! (I never forget to wish him happy 31st and that means I want a one whole pint of Strawberry Cheesecake just for me!!!)

Thank you.. xx

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