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Friday, March 5, 2010

Have good weekend!

Hi yaw! It's Friday! :) wow, time flies real fast dont ya think? Hehe. So what's for the weekends?! Any plan yet? Or you guys'd rather do it spontaneously? Not me! I made it all prepared already for my weekends this time.

I'm going to Singapore baby! Jyeah. Singapore.

Well, there would be about more than 10 friends are going actually, but we are going separately. Ada yang pergi malam ni(jumaat), ada yang pegi Sabtu pagi and ada yang pergi Sabtu malam. All because for Paramore. But not me! Im not going for Paramore. Just me, the only one yang tak pergi Paramore. Paramore concert will be on Sunday night. I dont know what to do while they're gone. Hehe. It's okay, I'm used to it. I'm just gonna have a great time just with myself maybe, walk around at Orchard Road, discover the oddness and be tourist! Hehe I was planning to go to Summerset's Skate Park while they are gone/ check those skates yang tak se-cool fadhil (sayang please I mean it). So boleh la mengubat rindu my fiance :) LOL.

Oh! Yes, not to forget, I'll be meeting my friend, Siska. She wants to tag me along to Abang Mokhsin's sister in law's birthday dinner (*themed: hippies) :) I'm soooo excited to meet them. Last time I met them when I was in Arizona, USA years ago. I can't waittt!!! :))

Okay that's for now, Ill post pictures and video as well for your references once Im back on Monday okay? Have a great weekends y'all!

Travel save me. Yours uniquely Singapura, hehe
Putri N. Rex

ps: im gonna miss you sayang. seriouslyyy I miss you already when I post this entry
*nak virtual hug please?


Anonymous said...

virtual hug from me nak? hehehe

putrirex said...

heyyyy you rupanyaa. ingat Zara mana :) bila i browse thru your blog and nampak muka mal :) nakkkk virtual hugg!!