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Thursday, February 11, 2010


(L-R): 1. YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Primer , a perfect start to a flawless finish
2. YOUNGBLOOD Natural Loose Mineral Foundation (mine is Warm Beige)
3. YOUNGBLOOD Hi-DEFINATION, Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder
4. YOUNGBLOOD Minerals in the Mist. *Recharge!

Ahoy! I have to say this..., 'i am gaga over my new thangg!' Oh yes, my current obsession you can say that :) It's my new favorite things, the YOUNGBLOOD mineral cosmetics! It's a USA products.I purchased them like maddd yesterday at Shins, Subang Parade. They can only be found at Shins, I'm not sure if its only at a certain Shins stores or around Malaysia. But, please check those out! They are gor-geous!!

I first used it was during my engagement, and I felt in love madly about it. I kept thinking about it and I'm dying to owned those products!! i mean jyeah! I adore make ups. I love make ups. I put make ups on since high school to be particular after SPM. That has to be 7 years already, so I personally think it's very crucial to have something that is worth for your skin and this has to be my very first mineral products. I am loving it! They are highly reflected crystals and reflects light to smooth fine lines and blemishes. Also, since mineral cosmetics are made with pigments from the earth, they are healthier than cosmetic containing petroleum dyes! Pfft! What else? Oh! They are sun protective and that keeps you skin healthy and youthful! For more, go google or you can wiki since it's my favorite too! ;)

Okay, so before welcoming my new baby(bimbokan!haha), i did some spring cleaning for all my make ups brushes ;) OMG! Haha that was my first time cleaning my brushes. Yuckkss.. Okay from now on, I'll do it regularly like, once a week k? Hehe.

Ingredients: Olive Oil ( Minyak Zaiton), Some Tissue paper, Your daily shampoo and warm water.

How to do it: Pour Olive Oil on a Tissue Paper and smudge them smoothly, rub it circle-ly, until your makeup's stain off. Then, wash it with your daily shampoo with water. Until it really really clean. Let it dry naturally. DO NOT USED hair dryer/ DO NOT PLACE it up side down.

Special thanks to youtube.com. Do it regularly! ;)

embrace you cosmetic addiction.
be natural. get minerals,

Putri Rex

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