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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun day!

Hi. I want to make a short update ;) Today, I woke up early and I was in front of my lappy all morning. There were like 7 windows for only youtube. Yes! I am currently addicted for makeup tutorials and Shopping Haul Vid from DulceCandy87 esp! (go watch and subscribe her this NOW!) ;) For that, I don't just watch, but I did practice the make ups too! I think, I actually make a pretty good job! LOLed :)

So here is my makeup look inspired by Emma Stone from the movie Zombie-land. Why her!?? Damn, I hate this!! Because Fadhil claimed that, 'She is Hot!' Memang pon la. but this is just for FUN! yeeeheee ;)

What?! I know some of you might probably LOL! But heyy! At least I make you laugh & smile?;) Yes.
Sama kan!? Except for the lips area! Hahaaa
Hope you like it!

Oh! Picture of me above was taken while driving to meet Kak M ;) at her house at Bukit Jelutong. I wanted to meet Raqeeb and Ranya so bad! Rindu seriously! But they were at their Granny's house, have to stay away from Kak M cause Kak M wasn't quite well. Tapi, kena hasut dgn I makan Baskin Robbins ;) We had a regular scoop of Strawberry and Cheese ;)

Dear Kak M,
Thank you for so many thing;) I had the best time with you, today! And more best time with you and the kids please?! hehe..
ps: Jangan marah ye I put this photo. i u

That's it for now, get in touch with your loved ones as much as you can.

Truly am,
Putri Rex

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