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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful Saturday, a little escape ♥

We had a little escape last Saturday at Port Dickson (PD). We arrived at 9am,.It was great, we had the best time/best food/ best jokes/ best make ups tutorial by fadhil :)/ best sunset and everything about that day was great! We should do this always

So you know, as I went through my Picasa Album. I can tell that collected a lot of photos which were very much memorable and the feeling when we go through one by one makes we smile (that's the best feeling). In that case, I was wondering for this time I wanna make it look 1960's and state the date and the venue just for future thoughts and references.

Dear wackiest friend and to-grow-old- soul mate, I hope we could save this picture and share it with our grandkids, OK? xx

My endless sweetheart
I woveeee you!

My endless shoulder and supports

There you go, the three of us!

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