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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Night!

How I wished last Saturday is today! ;) *guess why?. hehe

I had the best Saturday Night ever (so far) for 2010. hehe. I complained that my feet is not feeling as good as always, even though maybe it's just a minor un-proper blood circulation, still! it irritates me. So, my fiance, fadhil brought me for a foot massage at BB area and so!, I tagged along my wackiest friend, Zaneella to join us ;)
I had so much fun! Okay let the pictures tell the story

Ouch! Too much skate! But I you, fiance :)

Zan got twisted since Dec 2009 okayy! pffw! I you too, babe!

Next, fadhil drove us to the most magnificent view in Kuala Lumpur, Look Out Point Ampang! OMG! I love you sayangggg.. Youre awesome! We had so much fun kan!? LOL to the window, stupid jokes, wackiest dance moves inspired by Usher, yeah! by me;) haha I love you both to death!

Kuala Lumpur city of Mind.

Chocolate Mango Ice Blended for me. Sooo good!

They said the food wasn't that good (i didn't get any food for me), but the time we spend were scrumptious!

He was, my senior at school(which we barely speak!), my customer at Baskin Robbins, my boy-friend and NOW ;)
My super loving one and only, Fiance and soon to be ...... ;))))))))).. InsyaAllah!

Oh kay! It's 3.36am please! ;) Byebye!

Okay, thats it for today's entry. Oh before that, what makes me wanna blog about this is because,, i received a text msg from Zaneella this morning (9.55am), like:

put3, tq so much for takg me along with u last nite. I really appreciate it. Tq2,hehe. :-D

aww..I (Putri) was soo terharu and replied:

Hey sure no problem, we had so much fun! Btw, dont u think we should hang out more often since we're moving to the states soon, kan!? :( hows ur feet!?

Till then, friendship and love worth it all. I love you both to death!

Truly am,
Putri Nazira Rex

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