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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pack your bags!

Packing suitcase is fun! Especially for the whole family.. I love doing check-list. I really do. 
My case today, it sucks.
I'll be leaving my boys for guess how many days?
8 freaking days! (12-19th Oct)

To a place I wish I could take my sweethearts.

Jeju Island, Korea

Seek for advice what can I do/ what should I get while in South Korea. What's worth buying!? And all..
Yaya if you are reading this. Need your advise pronto!
I'll be going to Incheon, Nami Island, Namiseom, Everland Theme Park, Seoul, Jeju Island..

Tu yang hari-hari tweet emo. I don't know mcm mana nak tinggalkan Fadhil & Farrel.

The adventure begins,
Putri Rex


BetiZaini said...

Salam hi putri!
bestnyerrr dpt pegi Korea!!
hehe..hi actly, i'm ur silent reader.

Happy dpt bace blog u, sbb dpt inspired myself. Sy pun mommamude same like u.awww mude ke kite?:)

nway..just wanna say hi!
n trust me, i pegi outstation hanye di Pulau langkawi yg sekangkang kera tu pun i dah rase menderita.hehe..

Tapi okey jugak skali skale dpt enjoy your ME time:)

Putri Rex said...

Salam Beti! So so sorry for the delay.. Just came back from Korea, tak sempat nak reply your comment. True! I kat Korea angau sorang2 sampai mimpi2 anak I dtg Korea buat surprise :) Yang part ME time you ckp tu, so true. But my heart was very empty :/ but tak pe la :) that's how life is .. nanti anak kita dah besar pon dia dengan life dia, asalkan dia tak lupa orang tua dia itu dah cukup utk kita kan kan? :)
Awww, thanks for ya time. keep on reading. Orang2 mcm you secretly inspire me daily... hehe thanks babe! keep in touch and keep writting about your cutest daughter too!!!

Putri Rex

BetiZaini said...

hee hee..wow..u dah prgnant balik ke?bestnye..congrats ye:)