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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Appreciate every moment raising you!

Nampaknya no family time this and next weekend as I have been assigned to bring a group to somewhere I wish I can take my sweethearts.

Hi beautiful people, ....

Mmg admit these days I kurang dapat play time with AlFarrel. Apart that the reason yang I'm a working mom, AlFarrel is growing up. Dia bukan mcm mcm dulu-dulu lagi masa tak pandai jalan n merangkak. Masa tu I conquer la dia aktiviti dia and I can do what ever I want towards him!! *kiss/cuddle/gomol/huggyy! Tapi sekarang dah pandai jalan, nak explore semua benda and very very independent. I pon tak suka nak restrict his activity so I let him go and experience sendiri. Nak peluk nak cuddle nak hug nak kiss lama lama mcm masa baby dulu dah tak dapat sangat. Luckily, I still breastfeed and that's the only quality time to rub my child. hehe . Slowly dia growing and learn byk benda. Imagine nanti kalau dia dah tadika, lagi la mcm mana kan.  *skrg ni I terasa pulak masa Abah let go of me to Fadhil. Macam mana la agaknya rasa tu kan. Ouch! Sedihnya. Rasa nak menangis pulak. As I mmg rapat sangat sangat dengan Abah. Haiiii.... Please don't cry, Putri! 

Okay point I sebenarnya, I really really miss you AlFarrel. I really miss your first 9months masa I tak kerja. Heaven sangat. There's a time bila I positive sgt dengan benda-benda ni. And there's a time juga bila I sangat-sangat down and emo about this. That's what life is all about. Sometime it goes up, and sometimes it goes down. At least I know the game. Pwwf! Leganya dapat tulis entry ni. Thanks for ya time reading this, I appreciate ya ears for listening!

Tribute to this entry, here's some pictures we had few weekends back. I wish to have more time with you Al. 

This was when I sang 'The wheel on the bus' And he was damn happy knowing that he's actually on a bus! Haha.

 Mini me :) Mini Fadhil coming out soon insyaAllah. Allah knows best :)

 Qif, AlFarrel ajak lawan Ultraman! :) Hehe
My barneyyyy hugggg!!!!!

 Sexy dudes!

 Swimming lesson with Ayah :)
Happy AlFArrel!
Little family in action! :)

Towards the end. AlFarrel needed a hug and carry him!

Gone baby gone :)

That's pretty much about it! Thank you for reading and see you next post!

I love you AlFarrel, eventhough I know macam mana mana pon nanti you mesti cari Bonda kan :) I'm your forever lover! 


soleil m said...

salam kak. i've been your silent reader for quite some time but now, not anymore i guess. eheh!

this is out of topic but i think i saw u at alamanda's carpark last thursday. you were walking with a friend & lepas to masuk mhite myvi if i'm not mistaken. i saw u from jauh & dalam hati ckp 'cantiknya kakak tu' though masa tu i didn't get to see your face pun. maybe from the way u dress up. ingat nak say hi but tak sempat

pardon me if i got d wrong person ya? :D

Putri Rex said...

Salam, masyaAllah thank you very much! You don't know much that made my day ;) fortunately, I'm positive that really was me ;) I think I was with my friend,Maza out for a lunch date. What should I call you,my dear? Thank you for being my loyal reader ehehe.. Keep on reading! Many many thanks!!!!
Putri Rex