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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Legoland Malaysia!

Weeehoooo!!! In 2 days time Legoland Malaysia will be officially open for public (15 September 2012)! How cool is that? .. Memang cool habis :) I was invited for this private event (actually..my company was, and this was just part of a recce trip) 

9am, drove all the way from my place, Shah Alam with 2 of my officemates. Journey took us for 3hours and 45mins. Arrived there around 12.45pm. Allow me to say this! Johore is freaking hot and humid! Seriously, did asked why and they say Johore dekat dengan Pantai and sbb mmg tak ada pokok tinggi yet! Mygod! That just it! Itu je yang I can't stand. Panas semacam! Other than that, Legoland itself mmg cool and best! Been to Legoland in San Diego, ehem! actually lalu je tak masuk pon :) Dapat masuk yg Malaysia pon jadilah! hehe

So mcm biasala, I mmg suka the pictures do the story. And along the way I'll keep you track with my little caption. Okay? :)

The entrance! We got special passes and also 50ringgit voucher for food! Weehooo!!

 The miniland was insane. I salute the art works! Mmg hands down!
 Marry me?

The miniland was absolutely outrages! Well done ! Well done! I rasa mana yg lego freak mesti spend the whole day appreciate every single art work. 

 The luncheon with the ates! I had the best Udon Fried Black Pepper! Om Nom Nom! 
The food kinda pricey though, lucky us we got the voucher :)
I think it was 2pm laidat? Too much walking. Ponek! and Paneh!
When you're in a private event for theme park, the best thing is freedom! No long Q!!! And you may repeat the ride over and over again!
I'd say the best ride in Legoland,Malaysia!

Before the ride!
After the ride! Pffw!

Nak habiskan voucher punya pasal. Borong semua jenis mak nenek air! Pffw!
Memang surrender! Penat and berpeluh! Dah la tak bawa extra baju ... And tiba-tiba .. *ting! Jom lahhhh pegi JPO (boleh beli baju)hehe!!! We still have time :) But unfortunately my camera batt was too low. No picture in JPO! 

It was a wrap! Legoland, is definitely a must place to come with your family and friends. But I personally suggest if you can wait at least a year or 2 to visit Legoland! Tapi kalau nak pegi sekarang pon beres! Semua ride semua dah bukak. Cuma panas tak tahan. I'll come back when AlFarrel is 4 years old ke. Let see!? 

That's that!
Putri Rex 

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