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Monday, August 13, 2012

Good News to Share...

Let me put this straight! I'm so very happy to my best blogger friend ( I would say blogger?) LOL! Farra Rahman, for the extreme good news.  Ladies & Women, Farra is expecting baby numero dos and they definitely expanding love to the family... 

Actually, I kinda knew it! She's been silence and all, and with a mother instinct I have, I just knew it-lah! Alhamdulillah.. You can read her post here. Click me! 

Farra is now 3 months and with morning sickness, I pray her a beautiful and healthy journey and hoping that she'll enjoy this pregnancy :) Baby please be nice to your Mama okay? 

We've been a good friend since she was my customer and make us even closer was during our first pregnancy that was 2010/11. Kan Farra Kan? Now you're in number 2! And I'm so proud of you :) 

If you ask me when :) I would say...... No I'm not gonna tell you here! Jumpa pls and we'll chat chat chat like we always do!! Rindu giler kat you!!

Pp/ Aira! You there? You heard that :) I hope you're next! Weehooo !

Picture during Farrels' first birthday bash, April 2012. From L-R 
Mama Aira & Baby Mia// Bonda Putri & Baby AlFarrel// Mama Farra & baby Thaqif// Mama Pp & Baby Lili

Told you we're expending! More generations to come :) 

Lots of love,
Putri Rex

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