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Monday, August 6, 2012

Aimi + Dinie : Post Wedding Makeup

By now, actually I should have released my makeup/ beauty web. But something stupid and hassle came up, I made this beautiful web using wix.com - a free way to create stunning website but I think will just stay with blogspot-lah!
Wait, here's the teaser I was doing but I think blogspot if more user friendly ..

Okay lah, forget it! So the blogspot version is coming up soon! Like I said, I don't find the rhyme and the mood for it maybe it's Ramadhan, no? or Mungkin I need to focus more on Ibadah, that's why :) Okay so, Alhamdulillah. Walaupun bulan puasa tak ada job :) surprisingly September Putri dapat quite a number juga for makeup service :) Syukran! Boleh lah tambah-tambah duit raya untuk anak-anak sedara :) 

Okay since ramai yg email & personal text msg asking for more pictures and kindly minta to have a separate blog, here's all for you!
Remember, I don't claim all images as mine otherwise stated. So as for below, Credit to Aimi + Dinie : Post Wedding 's Official Photographer : The talented Mohd Onald . 

Congratulations to them! Aimi- a very very sweet little woman and Dinie - a very charming guy! They both suit each other. BarakAllah!

Putri Rex

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