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Monday, April 16, 2012

Shopping cart boy!

My baby just before he turns one. We do groceries for his birthday bash! Looking atchu feels  disbelieve that you are one year old. We love you Al. 
Bonda will update more about yesterday's event. Your very first birthday party! 

Peluk cium!


Siti Nurul Fatimah Othman said...

His face its seem Like u putri (copy & paste) huhu.. Where's that photo about farrel 1st bday party, cant wait 2 see it!! Neway putri u still remember i have post b4 this @ ur post about ur berat badan i used anonymous as my identity ;).. I have mention u that my son (muhammad faris) 3 days younger than farrel.. So tomorrow 18/4/2012 my handsome little boy is turning one, im so excited like u :)..

Putri Rex said...

Aawwh! thanks :) Alhamdulillah. Sorry Putri been busy kat office. I dah update on Farrel's First bash!! Happy birthday to you Handsome Muhammad Faris!!! So very cute!!!