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Friday, April 13, 2012

I miss those time when we were in states!

(All pictures taken when you where 6&7 months while we where in the states!)

Bonda really miss our best time together.
Bonda really miss looking at you and see every second of your growth!
Bonda miss your very first 9 months where I raised you full time with my bare hands!
Bonda miss making Elmo sounds just to make you laugh!
Bonda miss everything about you and I.

Now that bonda is working so bad, I've no choice. 
I know, choice is in our own hand. 
However in life sometimes you need to sacrifices certain things.
I'm doing this for our best.
I'm not doing this for the sake of 'duniawi'
What ever I say pun, I may sound like I'm giving excuses.
I love you and nothing can ever change that.
I may sound bias , because I'm your mom, but trust me you are the most happiest baby on earth! And I'm grateful that I'm your forever (even though nanti after you marry your gadis idaman, you may have you own direction) 
 Tapi doaku selalu untuk mu.
Bonda sebenarnya dah burst into tears while writing this.

I love you Al-. In 2 days, you'll turn ONE. Nanti malam before you turn ONE, bonda belanja you makan Tutti Fruti Okayy! Becauseeee you know.. my water bag dulu burst masa tgh makan Tutti Fruti laaa :))))))

Can't wait for the weekend, son! 

Peluk cium,
Bonda kesayangan Al-Farrel!


aida said...

hai putri...suka baca cerite u especially about ur son al farrel since that my son pn 3 days older than him.so bila baca pasal anak u..touching jgk..sobs...anyway, happy belated birthday farrel..:)

Putri Rex said...

Hi Aida! Introduce yourself :) Thanks for dropping by! What is your son's name?? And do you have a blog?