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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A perfect start of an incredible new journey!

So last Saturday was my last day of working in Ministry of Tourism under Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Division. It's a good start for me. Thank to my friend Shira also my boss who has given me the chanceto start my career. Ceewah!

 The three musketeers.
My Lunch Dateeee!!
From Left, 
Maza Hany (PTD in SPA)
Shira Jariah (PTD in KPL)
Putri Rex (PTD tok hang!) haha



 Alhamdulillah for the food O-Allah!
Double chin in the making, Putri!! 

They so manja! Maza is counting days for her Big day! And I'm proud to announce that I'll be her official MUA!!! Alhamdulillah :)))

As the saying goes,..' behind every man's success, there's a woman.. 
but this!? ..You tell me ;)
 Love the idea!


Later after the long lunch break, just me and Shira heading to the International Shoe Fest in PWTC. Maza had a freaky friday at work so she couldn't join us! Too bad!
 Let's shoe babyyy!

 I'm not really a shoe person! But I wish I have one of this for my personal collection, unfortunately it is not for sale. Bummer!
 Dalam hati I pon boleh buat mcm ni kalau ambil course,
tapi when I think again sbb tu I tak boleh buat sbb I tak ambil course and I tak minat. ;)

 Salute the hard work! But again, not my thangg!

 After being in the Shoe Fest for less in an hour, boo! (seriously I didn't find it worth coming at all) but kitaorg kena show up to support the event. Tak apa lah! So speaking of that... After the Shoe Fest, the clock's ticking and we were like, haaa... KL dah memanggil ni! Apa lagi... We shoott Kuala Lumpur yaw!! Lama gila takkkkkkkk pusing pusing kota!!! Weee! 

oh btw, I dah called Al-Farrel and told him that bonda gonna have a girls night out with auntie Shira and will pick up a lil late tonight. Farrel said,' Okay Bonda have fun!' 
Thankss baby!!

Retail ALERT!!

Road crossing!
Because we know we'll swipe our hubby's Credit Card... 
NOTTTT! ( we wish) 

Sisterhood!!! We went crazy all night. Not likka bad girl crazy la, just likka insane wifey crazy tak pernah nampak shopping mall! OMG! We found one cool store in Fahrenheit!! Seriouslyyyy we will do this again kan babe kan!!!

 Dah dapat paper bags and all, now perut pon dah berbunyiii! Late dinner at 9.30pm at Pepper Lunch in Pavillion. Remember I did a review about Pepper Lunch? This is my second time :)

So later after that, I send Shira back to her husband! I will surely be missing her around! I thanked god for this opportunity. I hope our relationship didn't end here and we will keep in touch okay babe!?? 
Ingat our retail therapy every 2 months okayy!!! See you when I see you! 

Putri Rex


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SCC said...

it was funnnn!!!!!!!!!! repeat every 2 month? baru a week dah ajak repeat! omg i miss you! i miss maja! i miss uncle! and i miss ila tooo! - next bachelorette! weehoo!