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Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Fun to be One.

And so we decided to throw a birthday party to you my son. 
Your very first birthday party. Alhamdulillah.
Lemme start we the pre birthday preparations. 

5 hours before the party started.


Al-'s taking his longest nap! From 10.00am - 12pm. Pffw! So bonda and ayahanda can 'kling klong kling klong' kat dapurr!! Thanks baby!
 AyahEjoy was officially your bibik that day! 
 Teman ayah pasang api for BBQ!

While Bonda, Uncle Dawn & Auntie Trish in the kitchen masakkk!

 And the party started at 4.00pm

The daddies!
L-R: K & Baby Thaqif, Akim & Baby Lili, Akie & Baby Akhil

 Adorable Mia (L) and Lovely Lilichan(R)
sama-sama kehausan!

 Alhamdulillah, ramainya kawan I & Farrel's friends :)

 Bonda & Al / Mummy & Akhil

 Cikjah, B2B :) 

 Ayahanda & AlFarrel.
They don't have lots picture that day as ayah was very busy bbqing.
Oh wait! Actually we don't have a picture of 3 kan!!!! ;/

 Our skate family friend :))

 Way to go Al!
 Beautiful colors! Thanks Yaya. 
Order now!  cakewalk!

I'm very happy to see this :)  More generations to come :)

Thaqif: Honk! Honk! Excuse me.. excuse me.. I need attention plss!
Mama: Thaqiffff! Mama nak makan tau tak!!!

My fav. boys of the entire universe! They both meant the world to me. 
Even if I regret that we don't have a picture of three. 
But it's okay :) As long as everyone's happy!

Yayyy! The best part I can't deny. Even I got pretty excited!! I wish I'm One Year Old now! 
Thanks everyone! AlFarrel loves all the toyss!!
Tapi bonda tak bukak pon semua hadiah-hadiah dia lagi. Saja bukak sikit-sikit. 
Kalau bukak semua and nak main semua nnt dah boringg :) 

Before I end here, thanks again everyone for coming. Thank you for the doas, hugs, kisses and the pressenttss! 
Hope this relations forever and never end! 

For that, I introduce to you... and please give it up... to ..!!!

The childhood sweethearts!

The twenty eleven baby!

Peluk cium
Bonda Al-Farrel!


Tuty Sugargosh said...

Happy Birthday Farrel..Jadi anak yang baik okeh :)

Putri Rex said...

Thanks Auntie Yanie!! InsyaAllah Amin!