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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's on my desktop background

Hello people of the universe!

As promised, here's a picture and a video of my little baby boy, Al-Farrel during his 10 months photo shoot last month :) (He's turning 11 on the 15th)

Picture down below is our favorite picture of the bunch. Loved it! And this is my desktop background at office which always membuatkan I nak balik cepat and I habis kerja pukul 5 so kalau pukul 4.45 tu kerusi ni macam dah tumbuh pokok kaktus and pungkok dah gatai nak balik!! I punya tak sabar nak hug you laidat tau anak bonda!

I love you to the bonesss anak bonda!

Credit: Thanks to Ayahejoy for this lovely shot! You're the coolest godfather Farrel has ever asked!!! 

Excuse for my annoying pitch-y voice! Haha I need him to look at the camera at the same time :)))

Peluk Cium,

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