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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Board short day!

Hey lovely mommies and mommies-to-be!

How's motherhood treatin' y'all? Lovely isn't it? 

As a working mom, I learned that life is too short and precious! I've learned to take one day at the time. No matter how tiring my day was at the office, but when I see those big round eyes and that smiling face.. I feel so alive and  so inspired! 
I just don't wanna miss that moment as I've already missed the 9hours daily from Monday-Friday without him. The part yang bila I kata penat balik kerja and bila balik nampak anak mmg hilang penat may sound cliche. But it's very very real I tell you! You know, otw balik rumah from Putrajaya-Shah Alam I always sing out loud Farrel's fav song, Elmo sorang-sorang! And I normally talk to myself and sengeh sorang-sorang ingat keletah dia! Aaahh! 

Being a mom has opened many doors in my life. I definitely expand my family more and bring us much closer.  I learned to be strong and I want to do the best for myself so that Al-Farrel can look up to me one day, InsyaAllah. 

March is here, and that means he is turning 11 months this 15th! I remember this time last year, I was very very bloated and huge! Hehe preciousss! This time last year tgh busy nak buat baby shower.. But now, LOOK! He's almost 11 months, as for his progress :
  • He has 2 teeth at your lower gum, and as for upper gum 1 gigi taring keluar dulu. :p
  • He's standing and cruising. Eksyen sangat muka kalu dia berdiri boleh and tak pegang apa-apa. Geremmm!
  • He knows when I say ... 'Haippppp, No Al-Farrel.!' That's means it's uncool to do/touch that stuff.. *however sometimes dia insist nak buat jugak!
  • Okay at this time, his poo-poo dah cannot handle. OMG Al cepat la belajar flush sendiri! Haha
  • He wiggle wiggle everytime he heard a beats! EVERYTIME!
  • He smiles forever! :) He laughs forever! :) *Our Happy Pill!
Here are some picture last Saturday, Al-Farrel and us chilling at home. 
Bonda do laundry and all..

Al-Farrel: Bonda Can I try ya shoe?
How do you like it on me Bonda?

I could be happy in a cardboard box as long as my children are with me.

Peluk Cium,

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