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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sugarscarf by Riqa

A pack weekend, indeed!!
After went to The Re-Work Bazaar, I visited my parents house and Farrel was too tired agaknya been playing whole day at Stellar Studio and I asked my baby sister to baby sit Farrel for awhile, so that I can pay a visit to my friend's (Eyqa) new shop at Section 7 Shah Alam. 

One of my fav purchase item at the re-work Bazaar
Only for 10bucks

Some of the items sold in Sugarscarf at Section 7 Shah Alam!

Trying some of the scarfs and cardis! Love it! And I bought myself the purple & lime green scarf for only RM 39 :)

Latest collections! Come and Visit Sugarscarf!!!

With the owner of Sugarscarf Eyqa Sulaiman
A very nice and down to earth lady! I salute!
She is still who she was when I first met her back in 2008 at Bijou Bazzar @ Juempa D'ramo 
Keep that Ika! :))

I came with an idea and I proposed ika somethingg.. and she loved my idea :)) 
Wait and see what is it!!!!

Ika invited me to join the ScarfletsSister! And the Annual Grand Meeting was that night also! (Sunday Night!) Will update on that tooo! 

What else? That's it!
Till then.
Putri Rex


Hana Ibrahim said...

macam menarik je yang !!!!

Putri Rex said...

best! do vivit the shop before the baby is here! Hana nnt I melawat you during confinement insyaAllah okay mommy!