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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quality time and it's expensive!

Hello people of the universe

Have you ever feel like being treated likka queen? Let say if one day you keluar for a family quality time kan and everything that day is about you.you.you. 

Yes! Last saturday, I feel like one! Expensivekan? Susah nak dapat dah sekarang macam tu sekarang. Okay first, Fadhil woke up early which I tak payah kejutkan and that was a wonderful feeling tau tak sayang? He woke up and played with Farrel as I have to cook for Farrel's lunch. Special bonda masak... I cooked Sup Nasi & Udang with Kasih Sayang. And after  that, Fadhil was the chef, he made RIBS! Obviously I don't have the picture here because I feel soooo special sampai tak sempat nak ambil camera and snap! 

Okay then we siap-siap, the best thing lagi we we like BFF in a fitting room Fadhil 3 kali tukar baju sbb nak sama theme color mcm I and he woke benny. Usually dia akan pakai cap snapback gitu but not that day! Haha Best gile. Tapi penant tgk bilik bersepah dgn baju yg tak jadi pakai. Tapi it's okay balik lah baru kemas! :))

Okay our objective that day was to:
1. Cari barang makeup @ Semua House
2. Buy cheese at B.I.G @ Publika 
 and that's it! 

So firsly, Publika we come! Sorry I don't hv pictures in KL. Ramai gila org cannot take picture! But it's okay!

Farrel's wearing:
A smile (obviously) :)
Ralph Lauren Top (24months)
Timberland Denim Short (9months)
Van's Shoe 

You're everything!

Your first Van's! Menyesal tak beli besar sikit!

The drop dead diva of the day!

All time fav.

Parents don't practice this unless you confident! Haha 
No no. Don't practice this at all!!

Fadhil's wearing:
Fadhil's wearing:
Beanie hat where he got from Medan
Ralph Lauren Top
DKNY Jeans
Van Shoe 
Accessories- Stroller!

Putri's wearing:
Scarf by Brands outlet
H&M Tops
True Religion Jeans

I love you like a love song laidat-bebeh!


Then after we all finished with our objectives! Tiba-tibaa fadhil ckp dia nak belanja I train case for my makeupppp :))))) Alamakkkkk I lebih lebih rasa mcm Queen tauu! So I ckp kita cari at SACC Mall aja lah! And Alhamdulillah I managed to get one and it's 50% off! Pffww!

Anddddd before we end our dayyy! Guess who we terbumped into with??!!!!  Click here and it tells everything! I don't have a picture of them!!! Sorry farra!! :))

What a great Saturday!! I love my weekend people! I love every single person I met last Saturday!!! Till next time!!!

Hugs and Kisses
Putri Rex

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