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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Manusia adalah sebaik-baik ciptaan!

Hello All. 

So I've been blogging quite sometimes these days. Usually, on my way to work is the best inspirations for me. You see, I live in Shah Alam and I work in Putrajaya. I use Plus Highway which takes about 18-20 mins driving. Clear road and def. traffic free! Aaaaa.. Everyday I will get the chance to see the magnificent sun rise and if I leave early, I might also see the stunning moon above the skies. Isn't that the best feeling to start a day! ....Wonderful!

So, how do you start your day? What really make your day? Some might say ... Nescafe! / Coffee! .. Well, M not sucha coffee person! ...Frappucino,yes! I mean, loved it because it's icy! Don't appreciate the caffeine though! Enjoying the ice blended :) yada.. yadaa.. yadaa... Okay! I'm thinking very hard while on my way to work. I'm turning 26 and that means I've lot of things chase! As I don't really follow my dreams .../// I chase 'em! My personal dreams! Expanding more love in family is absolutely one of it! I mean, kids!! LOL. I know I have the best supportive fans in life yang will support me doing everything that I really like! And love! M talking about my goals and aims in life masa belajar dulu :) Which sampai sekarang I pon tak tahu what issit! Allah the greatest knows best! :) InsyaAllah...

So, it's February already.. What's best for me awaits sometimes but I don't know when. Oh! Or maybe this is the best for me? It's in front of me :) Alhamdulillah.. However, My dua and prayers are my family and I will always be in a good health so that we will get to perform our Fardu, on time and every time as well as to get what we target in live, humbly! 

I don't really know the significant for the first, second and third paragraphs , but hope ya get ma point there laidat. geddit? What ever it it.. Yang baruk itu semuanya datang dari I dan yang baik itu datangnya dari Dia, Allah SWT.

Love me!

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