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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Trip by Inglesina

Online shopping can be very addictive, once you started you never can stop! I find it very reliable to purchase online in USA. Everything is easy! Though, not everything that we can buy online, I mean it depends on the individual itself. The only con(s) of buying online is we can't feel the product, unless we knew what we want then it's all set! 

I bought an umbrella stroller online at albeebaby.com , after days of comparing, researching and reading reviews. I decided to take The Trip by Inglesina. It's on sale (the best thing!)

Inglesina The Trip 

My second option was 
Britax Blink

The third option was
Maclareen Volo

All these options are on sale! I don't know I just went to my first instinct, I like the Maclaren so much but .. i don't know! ;) 

Review for Inglesina, The Trip

It's my second stroller, again in Black! That's the only thing I regret. I should have gotten other color. Skip that! Don't wanna talk about it. 

Money wise, affordable! And I'm happy for that! ;) Alhamdulillah

The stroller is so lightweight and sturdy and easy to maneuver, the best part is it is easy to fold and unfold. It also has a handle on the side for easy carrying while travelling.

The fabric is perfect and the hood is large. The reclining seat is one of the reason I bought this stroller however it sometimes a bit annoying when only one side seems to collapse, one notch further than the other side. 

With the price of $119, it came together with a parent cup holder and a rain cover. Worth it! The stroller also has a small zipped compartment for the parents to store cell-phone/ iTouch/ keys etc. 
Oh yes, one more thing that annoys me is the cupholder pops off the stroller when put in the trunk!
What more can I say? I love it, so does the baby! That's all matter ;)

Al said, ' thanks Bonda! ;) '

Again, I really need this stroller because when I travel back to Malaysia soon, it's just gonna be just me and Farrel. Pak Indra is staying here ;( Cannot dokong-dokong ok Al!

Putri Rex


Mrs.K said...

argghhh farrel botak lagi bertambah comel lah put! geram i tgk gamba yg last tu. me and K is thinking of buying an umbrella type stroller jugak for travelling. nasib baik u buat review pasal ni. but,kenape u tak letak picture of The Trip when its folded? I nak tengok how kecik it can go. Berat dia bape KG?

Putri Rex said...

Kan! Imma such a bad reviewer tau Farra! Kalau complain org buat review tak lengkap pandai! Hehe
Anyway, the weight is 6kgs and It has like a handle in the side of the stroller so when we fold it, easier to handle. I like the Volo too, Tp kat Msia ramai sgt pakai Macleren so change sikit la ;) Thanks Farra

Putri Rex said...

*On the side