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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If I want to blog and when he needs the attention

My baby is growing up so fast! I can't leave him alone because he is now started to crawl, laidat? No, not yet crawl like crawling but it's almost like that! Mengesot la gitu! Aisey susah sgt nak ckp omputeh sgt kan! Ok I'll show you the video ok..

Now that he is 6 months and a half, everything changes like he eats like adult (bfast, luch & dinner), his nap time is every 2 hours day time about 45mins. When he is awake, I'll usually give him juice while watch TV and play time!.. However, when I need my own blogging time, he still need the attention, no choice I have to place him near me! Until he tired...., then he sleeps again! ;)

I'm coping good, am I?

Welcome November,
Putri Rex

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Mrs.K said...

heheheh.comel gile!geram lah auntie fawa tengok si Al ni. dah susah kan skg nak tinggalkan lame2. nak basuh botol susu pon kene cepat2. thaqif dah nak merangkak dah put, lagilah payah nk jaga.penat mengejar. laju kan diorang ni. hebat!