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Friday, November 4, 2011

Shop and drop!

My mom dropped me at the mall when she off to work. Let say, from 11am- 6pm and that's freaking 5hours in the mall! Luckily, I'm with my best friend, Al-Farrel :)

I was really taking my sweet time from one store to another store ;) Lemme say this, this was the time where I didn't entered baby stores/ department ! ...
Okay I lie, ... I did, but not much ;) I end up buying things for myself ;)) more than for my son! Which usually all about him!! I feel super good about myself, alhamdulillah. You know exactly how it feels right? The feeling when you hold your own paper bags ;) It's just so calm .... Oh and the fun part was, Farrel was so calm in the stroller, He did gave some comments thought ;) and that.., I ended up buying 2 handbags , clothes, accessories, makeups! Ops! Don't judge yet .. Those were mostly freaking on sale! Sekarang boleh lah eksyen, nnt balik Msia I pulak tgk org shopping .. Boo!

My fav. purchase was actually a cool Lomo Camera, Mini Diana ;) I've no idea how it works but It'll rock my photography life ;)

Then, We had dinner at my fav place The Cheesecake Factory ;) Kids eat free. They served bread and banana for Al-Farrel ;) I smashed the banana and fed my little boyfriend ;) he's growing up fast, isn't he?

That's pretty much what we did today ;) What about you?

Putri Rex


Mrs.K said...

happy for u putri! :) i love diana too. but i find it hard lah using lomo camera. mungkin i patut belajar lagi.

Putri Rex said...

Thanks Farra! I know they are hard to use! Lagi lagi I yg tak reti langsung pasal camera ;) Nnt I'll ask my friend ajar la ok Lepas tu I'll take your picture! ;)