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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Naked Palette by Urban Decay

I love makeups. If you ask me what would I watch on YouTube, definitely makeup tutorial! YouTube are now like a search engine dah kan? Type anything..., you'll get what you need! So, I've been such a fan of Dulce Candy, since her first 10 videos lagi! Now, she is huge! I admire her ;) She's like my makeup guru, kinda! Go follow her on Twittter, Facebook and check out her YouTube Channel and her blog!

Okay! So there's one thing that I've been wanting so bad since I watch her video is The Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Anddddddddd... finally, :) I owned it! Alhamdulillah.. Yay! I'm so naked! I loved it! Feels like sleeping with it ;))) Hehehe.. (Kalau tak over dramatic tak boleh kan)

I can't wait to put you in my eyes baby!

Here is her video that inspired me :) I wish have that ability to speak like her, even I can't in 

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