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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pancake for breakfast!

It's actually a pancake day for my little rascal! Al-Farrel is turning 6 months in 9 days and you are beyond control now :) Ini Jeddah dia yang kasi pancake, dia kata tak apa kena ajar style kampung. Kampung makan pengat la J, duhhh? LOL! Don't worry everything was under my control! We had blueberry pancake for breakfast today! Really wished his Ayah's here so we can have a beautiful breakfast together! Ayah misses you like craaaazieee sunshine! And of course misses bonda like 'ohhhhh yeahh!!' Haha.

Farrel is taking his nap time btw while I'm posting this entry :)) There's a lots of things I have to do while you're sleeping!! Nowwwww! Signing off, bye!


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