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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chaos in the kitchen, mother and son bonding time :)

It's Wednesday and it's raining here in OC. Mom's working, just me and my little rascal at home.

Everyday, when ever I feel like cooking, I'll place Farrel in front of the TV tuned Disney Jr. and he'll stay still for an hour playing with his toys while watching TV. Not today, maybe because of the gloomy day, like I said it's raining outside, his mood pon gloomy la. So here he's joining me in the kitchen :)
Oh, menu for today is: 
Tomyam Fried Rice Putri 1st Attempt Special / Nasi Goreng Tomyam Istimewa Cubaan Pertama Putri :)
Special Ingredient;  Al-Farrel's company 

My little chef/ judge! 

Jalapeno is a substitute for cili api.   
Chicken breast 

Chaos chaos chaos! hihi
Hand full! This is just exaggerating LOL c(:
Farrel's turning 6months in 10days :)))) Wow! 
Sleepyhead feeling all gloomy today! 

Taaaadaaaa.. Haha Doesn't look tempting, does it? Nooo!
Well, it surely tasted delicious! I rated 3.5/ 5 
Thanks to mesra.net btw
(Garnish is just for presentation)