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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hollywood Week Part #2

Memang kalau dah ada baby, we tend to get ready as early as possible. I usually will make sure, Al is all ready then only I get ready. So plan dengan abang-abang bujang & kakak dara while I'm a mother a bit mencabar sikit. Biasa laa.. So, I take my time playing with my boy mooshy mooshy around while all the makcik & pakcik's sleeping! *Precious! #justwishayahandawashere!


 So yes, we're ready to leave at 12.30pm. Skip breakfast as always, grab lunch at In and Out Burger. 

 Here we come!

It was pretty cold that time, and we didn't expect it! 

#justwishayahandawasherewithus! okbye

Putri Rex


Syafiqah Almira said...

Auntie Putri , Cutenye Farrel... :)

Putri Rex said...

hehe thank you kakak! bila nak dtg sini melawat farrel?

Ijah EmoTemo said...

auww comel nya bila farrel senyum! nmpk cheeky sgt! heheh :p