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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iftar and Babies day out :)

Salam Ramadhan,
Hi everyone, It's almost to the end of Ramadhan. Syawal is coming next week.  How's preparations? You know, when I was a kid, I just loved this feeling. I wish Farrel will have that same feeling like me. But, sorry sonny. No kampung for you. As both of your parents are true Shah Alam-rians LOL ;p No worries, malam ni kita main mercun ok? ;p

So last weekend, we went out for Raya preparations. Just moderate though. Wahhh, looking stuffs for our own child :) Remember when Abah used to take us to shopping malls/ bazaars to buy shoes/ jeans/ tudung/ all complete set. Now, It's our turn! Aaahh :)

 We were about to do the shopping and later, Iftar with Auntie Farra & Uncle K!

 Sakae Sushi was the only place available. 

 Amacam geng, nak tambah lagi satu :)

A mama gotta do what a mama gotta do!

 I knew Farra first because she was my customer back then, we became friends.
and motherhood makes us even closer! :)

Danne Mescudi was also joining us! He can't take his eyes off that little bubu love :)
 Aaaaaw! Bubu love with the famous mommy fuzy! So cute!

We should do this more often! Right Farra!??
The two precious  The left baby is soooo sleepy I can tell! :0
Hang in there sweetheart! And Thaqif's so cheeky there :p
Little manja boy, Rizq Thaqif!
Told ya, Night night everyone! :)
Little family of K!
Bumped into Kak M! I really really miss you :) Nanti kita set up our session pulak ok!
My home boy, Raqeeb :) He's growing up too fast!

Raqeeb baby brother, Ra'eim 8 months :)
Ranya, Raqeeb big sister 4years old :) Love ya chikas!
Before Thaqib doing his ...'nehhhh' sound. 'Nehhhh' means 'I want milk so bad!'
Smart little boy!
Me bubu love still in his lalaland :))
Nehhhh time sweetheart!
Bila dah feed nak borak pulak kan! Haiiiiii thaqif thaqif! Love you!xx
I don't care if it's in a middle of the mall. I conquer all!

Ohhhh look! Bubu love is awake! Morning sunshine!
Smile at the camera sweets!xx
Farrel: Hey buddy! Sorry I was too busy sleeping. Hope my bonda entertained you well!
Thaqif: Shame you, nak tidur kat rumah la. Naa no worries, your bonda learned new baby language today. :) Hihi
I love you both to bits!
Ok that's a wrap everyone! I'm going home :)
We definitely had a splendid time meeting Auntie Farra, Uncle K, Mummy Fuzy and little buddy Thaqif!


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