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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slim, fit & Pump it!

Hello yellow marshmallow.
I'm here again. I'm all happy and full of energy now. It's 11am, Farrel is sleeping and I bet he will be unconscious for 2 hour and waking up hungry and happy :) 
Okay so, yesterday. I went for a futsal game and that was the first time I'm all sweating like hell after 9 months pregnant and 2 months confinement. That is probably a year tak bersukan. Pffw! 

It was a great game, and we decided to continuously play every week. The game started at 11pm, we played for 1 hour! 

Tapi mmg lain bro wa pancit tak ingat tak macam anak dara dulu. Ye la, I'm carrying my postnatal fat (isdat what they call) haha and 10oz or more milk. How I know? Because when I got home, Farrel was sleeping, wanted to wake him to feed him or else my milk melempah! Tapi kesian pulak so I pumped. 10oz milk for the record. Pffw! Of course I balik mandi dulu or else 10oz milk and peluh. Haha. Yucks! Sayangggg Farrel, sporting betul dia kasi bonda pegi main futsal. He slept from 8pm-1.30am straight. I love you son! 

So, my point for this entry is to share with you what breast pump that I'm using. Medela Pump-in-Style Advance, Backpack. My brother bought it from USA worth only $279.00 but I saw this at mothercare about RM1600++. Crazy huh! 
For me Medela Pump in Style are: 
  • Great breast pump and has amazing accessories
  • Convenience and portable for a travelling moms like myself
  • It can control speed and vacuum control

And etc etc etc ... I don't know or how to write a review because I don't have anything to compare with, as this is the first breast pump I ever used. I'm proudly fully breast feeding hoping for at least Farrel  is 6 months and more.. I'm such a bad reviewer, am I? Haha

Okay, that's for now. At least I have someting to write about.. Oh! Btw, Al'Farrel's Mak Ngah is already in labor room to give birth. Anytime soon, Farrel nak dapat cousin! More family members yayyy!! Alhamdulillah. 

Take care for now, pump-it! Hihi

Putri Rex


Anonymous said...

Ish put...murahnye the breastpump...huhu...ingat nk beli.tp tau jela kat cni mhal kan...huhu

Putri Rex said...

hi anonymous! siapa tu?
murah sangat sangat kan :) so what did you get for yourself?

Anonymous said...

Aiseh die kuar anonymousla...mazianah la kwn kakak...huhu...b4 this I pkai avent manual je....tgk put punye mcm best je...tu nk cr jgk tu...