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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newborn Shoot, behind the scene.

I've been neglecting my blog for so long, again! Seriously, I really miss blogging, but motherhood has taken all of my time. No excuse, but I'm still getting use to it. It's absolutely fun,fun,fun! Hiiiiiiiii everyone! How are you people  doing?

This is so overwhelming, I've something to share. I received an email and few msges at my facebook account, silence readers (which have no mutual friends at all) congratulate me on my newborn (terharu). They asked me to keep on writting and having fun reading every word of it (terharu lagi) :p I know you're reading this now, I want to say just for you all who private msg me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for following my blog and all of you are the reason I keep on writing. (Cewah mcm superstar menang award punya statement je) Haha! 

So, because I've been gone for so long, I know some of you might  hv lost count how old my son is. Our little precious is now 2 months and 14days (+/-) Alhamdulillah. He is such a happy kiddo. Alhamdulillah We're so so happy to have him in our lives. Bringing more joy and happiness :) and barakah! InsyaAllah.
Current activities, Farrel dah sampai Genting Highland for the Balloon Art Fest. & Port Dickson. And the most interesting activity was Al-Farrel's newborn shoot at The Picture Company, One Utama. His godfather, Ejoy Esmail insisted Farrel for a newborn shoot for freeeeeeeeeee :) Alhamdulillah, Farrel was in a happy mode through out the whole session. Oh! He's naked for sure and pee one time! LOL.

This is when my son pee. Hahahaa
Aiceh, bonda dah macam Manager Farrel dah kan.. Hahahaa
You're doing great son!

The promise.

That's a wrap! The photoshoot when for like hour and a half and 10 mins break because Farrel was hungry! The camera likes him and he likes the limelight as well. Haha. Too bad, ayah Farrel working and can't make it into the frame. It's okay, nanti kita bikin family photoshoot next time ok,sweetie. 

Okay, I hope this entry will be as an inspiring spirit for me to keep on blogging to keep you all updated. Not only that as a future references :) I hope all of you enjoy reading and love the pictures too. I'll update again when I get the real copy of the photos soon. 
Till then,

Putri Rex


Anonymous said...

Wowwww what a beautiful pictures of Al Farrel!
I love it so much.
Jeddah xxx

kakak n sara said...

hehe..i like reading your entries and now it will be more about precious farrel..heheh..love it...waa best laa dapat buat photoshoot..i nak buat sara punya jugak laaa...how much it cost eah??

Hana Ibrahim said...

a"mmar pun dulu buat jugak but dah 11 month baru buat..hhheheh

HanieHyde said...

I want to see the photos putri!

Putri Rex said...

Jeddah: Hihi Nanti putri update bila picture dah siap ok. Ini pon belum pegi review lagi.. Hari tu Farrel dah mengantok, so review lain hari. I love you too Jeddah.

Kakak & Sara: Hihi, thanks!! I pon tak sure berapa kak, ini farrel dapat sbb god father dia insist. Nnt putri tanyakan.

Hana: issit hana. mesti cuteee kan! 11months dah pandai pose dah gitu!

Hani: I will update on that soon, hanie!!! Visit cepatttt!!